Services Techniques D & S Inc. is a company which specializes in the installation, maintenance & repair of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties. The company also has a division which specializes in the cleaning and the maintenance of commercial & industrial properties.
  Services Techniques D & S Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) contractor, who has been servicing the greater Montreal area with its expertise and passion for the air conditioning and ventilation market, since 1993. What first started out as a residential servicing company, turned out to be a 17 year pursuit which also includes the servicing of the commercial and industrial markets.
  Ten years ago, Services Techniques D & S Inc. started a separate division offering maintenance and cleaning services, as an extended passion for providing cleanliness for commercial and industrial properties. We have been servicing CLSC's, hospitals, government office buildings, hotels, condominium complexes, and many more for over a decade now. So rest assured you will be in good hands.
  The company's goal is to provide excellent products and services that meet customer's particular needs, according to industry standards, while providing a "cleaner tomorrow". That is why we are very selective when choosing our personnel, and we ensure that they are the best qualified & certified technicians, whom will help accomplish and maintain our goals & reputation.
  We would like to emphasize that at Services Techniques D & S Inc., the after-service is treated just as importantly, with the same level of expertise by our reliable and dependable personnel.
  We want to help look out for your well-being as well as the well-being of your cherished ones; therefore we look forward to hearing from you and servicing you to a healthier and cleaner surrounding.
Please contact us at: (514) 993-6642
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